When transitioning to adulthood, youth with disabilities and their families face inevitable changes in healthcare services, financial support, social roles and community participation. To support a meaningful transition to adult life for clients and their families, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital’s Transitions Strategy, in partnership with the Business Innovation Office from Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-term Care and the Rotman School of Management, conducted a design-thinking initiative to transform transition services. We employed a Human-Centered Design (HCD) methodology to co-create, iterate, and test novel solutions to fill service gaps. The result was an innovative service delivery model named “Transitions Pop-ups”. Transitions Pop-ups are topic-based, adaptable group events that deliver personalized transition supports to clients and families in collaboration with adult agency partners. Although topics vary by event, Transitions Pop-ups always include the following key elements: 1) learning about a topic related to the transition to adulthood and information support; 2) peer mentoring from clients and families with lived experience; 3) opportunities for participants to take direct action toward their goals. In addition to standardized elements, the events are customized based on clients’ and families’ preferences and the evolving needs of the partner adult agency. To date, Holland Bloorview is regularly co-hosting 15 types of Transition Pop-ups (e.g., Developmental Services Ontario, March of Dimes Canada L.I.F.E program) with 8 adult agency partners. This initiative illustrates a more holistic approach to healthcare and transition services driven by the needs and desires of clients and families.

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