The Ferremi Boileau Ophthalmology Clinic has a Research and Development department which has as its mission to ensure the quality and refractive outcome of the surgeries performed. In order to achieve both goals as precisely as possible, the clinic has collaborated closely with a programming team to conceptualize its own statistical analysis program, “True Vision”. The development and programming of the different parameters began in 2006. Since then, all pre-operative evaluations, surgical parameters (including per-operative complications) and post-operative follow-ups are collected in the analysis program on a daily basis. Real-time statistics can therefore be accessed on a regular basis to measure the quality and safety of interventions as well as client satisfaction. A history of all ocular surgeries (refractive or not) is also available. Extracting data from “True Vision” allows for ensuring that post-operative results correspond to those desired before the intervention. In fact, thanks to “True Vision”, all differences between the target refraction noted in the pre-operative evaluation and the result obtained during the post-operative evaluation are easily identifiable. In such situations, corrective measures are rapidly put in place to improve refractive and surgical results. Furthermore, when per- and post-operative complications are noted, they are quickly compared to rates reported in scientific literature. In cases where a significant difference exists between the clinic’s percentages and those found in the literature, corrective measures are quickly put in place to remedy the situation.

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