UPSTREAM actively recruits and screens individuals at risk or suspected of having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and provides diagnosis, education, and support.

UPSTREAM is the INSPIRED Program, without home visits and includes patients prior to hospitalization. This program is currently offered at several of Horizon’s Community Health Centres and Hospitals for patients who are able (or would prefer) to leave their homes for appointments.

Using the 30 Second Lung Health Test or Primary Care Provider (PCP) referral patients are identified for Spirometry.

Spirometry is interpreted by a Respirologist and those (patients / families) with mild to very severe COPD are offered the Upstream Program including education, and self-management support. A personalized action plan is developed and shared (with permission) with a third party (Telecare 8-1-1) for “after hours” support.

Upstream was introduced in Horizon Health Network in fiscal year 2018/19, with a target to implement 7 sites.

Horizon Health Network implemented the INSPIRED program in 2015/16.This program requires home visits; not all patients wanted or required these visits.

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