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St. Josephs Care Group’s (SJCG) long term care division, Hogarth Riverview Manor (HRM), the largest long-term care home in Ontario with a licensed capacity of 544 beds, created a ‘Visual Strategy Room’ (VSR) in February 2021 to support their quality journey ‘iCare’.

VSR is a physical space where clinical and non-clinical areas gather regularly to strategize and reflect as a team on the performance of the organization, understand problems, identify opportunities and corresponding actions for improvement, celebrate experiments, recognize individuals and teams for their contributions, provide necessary support, and deploy resources based on priorities for delivering resident centered care.

The purpose of the VSR is to communicate the health of the organization in one room. The design of the VSR is based on the reflection principle from lean methodology which leverages the philosophy of visual management for creating interaction between the artifacts corresponding to HRM priorities, associated metrics and their performance across programs and projects in clinical and non-clinical areas, and highlights individuals and teams recognized for their contributions.

A structured approach is employed to review and analyse trends in data, develop resident specific strategies in all 15 units across HRM, and proactively plan for the next quarter.
The effectiveness of the VSR to deliver operational results over the last 18-months, is a testimony that the practice co-created with leadership is instrumental in creating organizational focus and in improving resident health outcomes. Other long-term care homes within/outside Canada are encouraged to apply this practice for enabling excellence in their organizations.

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