Terry Brock, Joshua Myers and Carol Wilson

In May, 2017 Fraser Health’s Patient Experience Team, in partnership with the organization’s Regional Patient Advisory Council (PAC) developed a mechanism to collect patient experience feedback in real-time at the unit level. The Fraser Health Real-Time Patient Experience Survey is a quick, electronic survey that patients can complete while in our care, and allows managers access to real-time data 24/7 at the unit level. The information generated by the survey can be immediately actioned for service recovery, and can be used to inform ongoing quality improvement initiatives at the unit and site levels. Patient report feeling that their feedback is being valued and appreciate being able to provide both positive and constructive feedback to improve services. The Fraser Health Regional Patient Advisory Council was instrumental in developing the questions and have been partnering with the organization to strengthen our patient centred feedback loop and processes for patients and families to ensure that their voices are being heard and their concerns are being addressed by the right people and in a timely manner. As of April, 2018   we are at various stages of implementation at 9 of our acute care facilities and we are designing an implementation plan for our primary and community care services.  The goal is for all units and services to be using this tool to collect patient experience data and then link this data with other quality and health & human resource data to gain a more complete picture of patient experience, employee experience, safety and quality across the organization.

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