The Workplace Rehabilitation Service is an organization which brings together all treatment, rehabilitation and support services offered by the Community Mental Health Center and Campbellton Addiction Treatment Centers. The new service started in New-Brunswick in 1998. This innovative structure fits in very well with the Center’s purpose and concept, as well as our practices, which are focused on the rehabilitation and strength restoration of our clients. As described in the literature, and noted by us, the importance of the role played by work in rehabilitation is considerable, since it allows one to realize one’s potential, to develop self-esteem and encourages active participation in community life. Over the years, we have invested our best creative and innovative effort to meet the growing and changing needs of our clients. The service was developed bearing in mind the convincing data, recognized in the literature as the best advice for getting and keeping a job. We took the example of the vocational psychiatric rehabilitation program provided by the Boston University and the Individual Placement and Support intervention scheme, implemented in New Hampshire. We adapted these programs in order to ensure viability and success of the new service, taking into account the financial and social realities in our region. Initially developed to help people with severe, persistent mental illness, the service has grown to meet the needs of all adult clients using the CSMC. Numerous partnership programs have been created, with community organizations around the world, operating in the field of employment and education, with the view to offer and facilitate the access to our services to more people. Since 2014, the Workplace Rehabilitation Service has moved in a new direction, offering the services provided by the Mental Health Center to young clients, aged 14 to 19. The change was motivated by the needs of young users, their families, communities and educational institutions, as well as opportunities in the job market. Thanks to the Workplace Rehabilitation Service, the Mental Health Center can now offer to both young and adults, a treatment for mental health problems or addiction, facilitating their access to study programs and voluntary or paid work, notably by providing assistance with preparation, accompaniment and direct support in accessing the job market, work placement opportunities, reconciliation and financial support, skill improvement programs and access to existing community resources. The impact of this service in terms of integration, normalization, de-stigmatization and recovery is considerable. Education and employment being considered the most fulfilling and significant achievements, with considerable influence on the identity, self-esteem and motivation of persons affected by mental illness or addiction, their impact on workers, families and our community is also very important.

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