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The Cancer and Work (1) website ( supports cancer survivors who plan to stay in, return to or find work after cancer diagnosis and treatment, reducing barriers that hinder survivors’ success. The website was co-designed by clinical and workforce experts, patients and families and provides specific resources and tools to all stakeholders (cancer survivors, health care providers and employers) involved in the return to work process.

Nearly 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer, with a rising survival rate (60%)(2). Many cancer survivors are of working age and express a psychological and practical desire to return to work but are 1.4 times more likely to be unemployed than healthy adults (3); 26-53% of cancer survivors will lose or discontinue their job during or after treatment (4). Previously, information related to supporting cancer survivors with return to work was not readily available to Canadians.

Cancer and Work creates positive change by providing an accessible, online hub for up-to-date resources and trustworthy, clear, extensive information (450 content pages, 28 topic areas, 8 online tools, 7 videos) on the return to work process to increase stakeholders’ knowledge, competency and understanding.

Cancer and Work is designed to empower cancer survivors, enable health care providers to provide informed guidance, and equip employers to support cancer survivors at work. Cancer and Work is accessible to Canadians 24/7, regardless of geographic location, in English and French. Cancer and Work provides a forum for stakeholders to share information and efforts to advance research in vocational rehabilitation.

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