The Zénitud’art team

According to the Quebec Institute of Statistics, 31% of people over the age of 65 live alone, and this figure increases to 40% for those over the age of 75. The figures look to increase over the next few years. Social isolation too.

Formerly Operations Director in the area of Intermediate Resources, Amélie Tavernier has noted a lack of recreational hobbies and activities for seniors in institutions. In order to help improve this situation, she created Zénitudart in January 2016: offering workshops in personal expression through the medium of painting and relaxation.

We are drafting Best Practice guidelines for these workshops in order to promote the psychological health of seniors in care. 

Our main objectives are:
To support participants with their emotional health
To decrease their emotional load and help them let go
To support them in expressing and [getting a handle on] their emotions
To counter social isolation through shared moments
To foster interactions and social bonds
To create a space for sharing
To contribute to the appreciation of art
To offer artistic activities
To display participants paintings in an exhibition.
To refer people who need special support
To provide personalized help and support for each 
participant, in line with their specific health needs

To do this, we establish partnerships with different services: Residential and Long Term Care Centres, Intermediate Resources, Community Organizations and others.

The experience of Amélie Tavernier and her coworkers guarantees the reassuring and professional framework required by this project. 

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