Adapted ZUMBA is a dance-fitness class that is available for persons of all levels of fitness.
It allows participants to work on their cardiopulmonary and motor skills and to increase their physical stamina.

Some standing movements are performed for those who have the ability to move with a walker or get up from their wheelchair. It’s an hour of fun that causes seniors to forget that they are participating in a training program. It’s a human and personalized approach, carried out in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Contrary to popular belief, many studies show the benefits of exercise for seniors. Being active allows residents to maintain their independence and mobility, and also has a positive impact upon sleep, mental health, self-esteem, posture and balance, as well as reducing the risk of falls (Pollard, 2012).

Many seniors over the age of 80 have either been playing sports or exercising throughout their lives. Why not pursue these good personal health practices during CHSLD?

This practice has been implemented to:

Go beyond the paradigm of aging and the expectation of the deterioration of the person. An older person can experience active, refreshed, successful and optimal aging.
Develop a non-traditional approach, a healthy and positive environment for residents.
Allow residents to participate in a popular activity that is found in the community.

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