Leading Practices Database

Our presence in all sectors across the care continuum provides an excellent opportunity for sharing innovative practices from health organizations worldwide.

The Leading Practices Database fosters inter-organizational learning and harvesting of new ideas. It includes nearly 1,000 practices recognized as being particularly innovative and effective in improving quality.

These practices are leading in a service delivery area, in a particular health care setting, or for a specific health care challenge. Some are ingenious in their simplicity. Often, they are implemented by organizations with limited resources, showing how innovative and creative strategies can achieve positive results at a minimal cost.

The database also contains Commendable Practices, which, while not new or leading, are proven to be efficient and effective methods for improving quality.

The Leading Practices Database currently resides on Accreditation Canada’s website, however it will soon be moved over to the HSO website. Accreditation Canada is an affiliate of HSO.

Access the Leading Practices Database

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