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Smudging Policy

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission "calls upon those who can effect change within the Canadian health-care system to recognize the value of Aboriginal healing practices and use them in the treatment of Aboriginal patients in collaboration with Aboriginal healers...

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Leading Practices are submitted by health organizations from around the world. The contents of the Leading Practices library do not reflect opinions or views of HSO or its affiliates. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions please email us at leadingpractices@healthstandards.org


Health Standards Organization (HSO) and its affiliate, Accreditation Canada, have been identifying and publishing Leading Practices in the Leading Practices Library for over 15 years.

A Leading Practice is an innovative, people-centred, evidence-informed practice that has been implemented by teams in an  organization. The leading practice has demonstrated a positive change related to safe and reliable care/service, accessible and appropriate care/service, and/or integrated care/service.

The Leading Practices Library is a knowledge-sharing resource and serves to recognize innovative practices that have been submitted and have undergone a review by peer reviewers. Leading Practices are shared with the public, policymakers and organizations who are interested in improving and making real quality and health system changes.

Practices that are recognized as Leading Practices are published in the Leading Practices Library. Leading Practices are also promoted through HSO mediums including newsletters, webinars, conferences, education materials, and affiliated accrediting bodies.

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