Leading Practices Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Leading Practice?

A Leading Practice is an innovative, people-centred, evidence-informed practice that has been implemented by teams in an organization. The leading practice has demonstrated a positive change related to safe and reliable care/service, accessible and appropriate care/service, and/or integrated care/service.

All Leading Practices are published in Health Standard Organization (HSO)’s Leading Practices Library.

Who can apply?

  1. Any health and/or social service organization around the world.
  2. Any professional health education organization who participates in the EQual™ Accreditation Program.

How to apply?

An applicant can apply by completing the application form through the online platform. The applicant is required to provide a description of the practice and how it meets the six acceptance criteria. Word limit for each section is 250 words. The applicant can watch videos about “Introduction to Leading Practices” and “How to Submit a Leading Practice” for more information on how to submit an application.  The server and all data provided by the applicant remains in Canada.

What are the six acceptance criteria?

People-Centred, Evaluation Methodology, Demonstrated Intended Results, Spread and Sustainability, Adaptability to Other Organizations, Innovative/Transformative

Who will review the applications?

The Leading Practices Program relies on subject matter experts who are affiliated with Health Standards Organization and Accreditation Canada. The subject matter experts act as reviewers and evaluate submitted leading practices based on established criteria. The reviewers can be patient partners, surveyors, technical committee members, employees or representatives of partner or client organizations.

What is the review process?

Submission, Screening, Review, Decision and Award, Publication


At each stage, the applicant will receive a status email.

What shall I expect after I submit an application?

The application process will take up to 90 days to receive a final decision letter. If the application is accepted as a leading practice, it will be published in HSO Leading Practices Library. For any questions, please contact the Leading Practices Associate.

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