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Be Kind Campaign

At Niagara Health, we have invested in resources and staff to foster a mutually respectful workplace. In every corner of the organization we are promoting a culture of civility and respect. At the heart of our respectful workplace strategy is our Be Kind campaign that...

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Zero Suicide

Zero Suicide enables best practice in suicide risk screening and assessment, risk formulation, and safety planning (https://zerosuicide.sprc.org/). The foundational belief of Zero Suicide is that suicide deaths for individuals under the care of health systems are...

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Health Standards Organization (HSO) and its affiliate, Accreditation Canada, have been identifying and publishing Leading Practices in the Leading Practices Library for over 15 years. A Leading Practice is a practice carried out by a health and/or social service organization that has demonstrated a positive change, is people centred, safe and efficient. The Leading Practices Library is a knowledge sharing resource of innovative practices that have been identified through a rigorous evaluation process, and shared with the public, policy makers and organizations who are seeking ways to improve the quality of health services for all. Practices that are recognized as Leading Practices are published in the Leading Practices Library and also be advertised through HSO outreach events such as seminars, conferences, education materials; accrediting bodies affiliated with HSO etc.

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