HSO standards are used on their own and as part of assessment programs, such as accreditation, with partners like Accreditation Canada, NIAZ, IQG, to name a few.

Here is a list of 4 things you may not know about HSO standards:

1. Our Standards are developed with patients and families:

Our standards are developed through a Technical Committee process. Technical Committee members include clinicians, policy-makers, experts, and patients and families.

Working in collaboration with HSO, the Technical Committee oversees the standard development process, ensuring that all points of view relating to a new standard or a proposed standard revision are represented.

2. Our standards are recognized as National Standards of Canada:

In November 2017, HSO was accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to develop National Standards of Canada in health and social services.

HSO is the only Standards Development Organization in Canada dedicated to developing health and social services standards. National Standards ensure that Canadians can expect the same level of care and safety across the country.

3. The public can weigh in on HSO Standards:

Each HSO standard goes through a Public Review period.

Lasting 30-60 days, depending on the standard, the public review invites stakeholders and members of the public who have an interest in a particular standard to comment on its content.

These comments, which are gathered through an online questionnaire, are then reviewed by the Technical Committee and are taken into consideration when the final version of the standard is written.

4. Our standards are global:

HSO standards are developed using the best available evidence recognized globally.

Globally recognized standards help health systems develop and assess important topics such as governance, leadership, infection prevention and control, and medication management, which all affect the quality of the services the public receives.

Global standards help the public to know what level of quality to expect from their care providers. The public can have confidence in the care they are receiving, meaning that it is verified, safe, and reliable.

Though they are intended to meet the needs of a global audience, HSO’s standards can be adapted to meet the needs of local jurisdictions.

Want to get learn more or get involved?

Do you have an idea for a new standard or for a revision to an existing standard? You can submit it through our website, and help us to shape the future of health services.

Want to know more about the standards HSO offers? You can view them on our Standards page.