Today, Health Standards Organization (HSO) launched a public review on updated Child Welfare Services Qmentum Standards from Feb. 6 to April 7, 2017. The review will close at midnight on April 7rd and we want your opinion. 

Under the guidance of a standards working group comprised of experts working in child welfare services as well as those who have experience accessing and using the services, the child welfare standards have been enhanced to better reflect the context, structure and applicability to child welfare services. These standards will help child welfare services meet demands for excellence in child welfare practice.

HSO is asking those who have an interest in the standards and those who have used child welfare services or provide them to share their views on the proposed changes.

The standards are evidence-based, working to put child and youth safety, quality of care and best practice at the centre of child welfare services. The updated standards will be applied globally.

To find out more or get involved: Child Welfare Services Standards – Public Review

Quick Facts

  • This is the first public review being opened by HSO; a new organization that launched on Feb. 1, 2017.
  • Operating with Accreditation Canada (AC) as its affiliate, HSO develops and delivers global standards, and the tools and services needed to bring them to life in local jurisdictions around the world.
  • HSO and AC are two registered, not-for-profit charities based in Ottawa.

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