OTTAWAHealth Standards Organization (HSO), in partnership with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), is excited to launch the Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework for Health Services.

Many Canadians believe we have the safest health care system in the world – the reality is that we still have a way to go. Unintended patient harm occurs every minute and 18 seconds throughout Canada’s health care systems, with a death resulting every 13 minutes and 14 seconds (RiskAnalytica, The Case for Investing in Patient Safety in Canada, August 2017). We must do better.

HSO and CPSI, with the dedicated support of hundreds of stakeholders across Canada, recognize the need for a greater commitment to quality and safety improvement. This new Framework, which is the first of its kind in Canada, aims to align the country around five shared goals for safety and quality improvement, providing a roadmap for health services regardless of their jurisdiction.

By aligning around five shared goals including the delivery of People-Centred Care, Safe Care, Accessible Care, Appropriate Care and Integrated Care, the Framework aims to focus action and resources to improve patient experiences, outcomes and reduce unwarranted care variation.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, collective action across Canadian jurisdictions is needed now more than ever. The Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework recognizes this collective need as well as the unique roles each of us plays in bringing its goals into daily practice.

Early adopters have been putting the new Framework into action:

• “Our Quality and Learning Framework reflects all five of the Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework goals and builds them out for Manitoba.– Shared Health Manitoba

• “[…] We identified how our departmental activities and initiatives align. It was refreshing to see the strong alignment in the Framework.” – Alberta Health Services

Want to know more about the framework? Join us on Friday, Oct. 30 at 12pm ET for a webinar, where panelists will share how we can work together to accelerate quality and patient safety across Canadian health systems.

Learn more and adopt the Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework for your jurisdiction here.

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