Today, Health Standards Organization (HSO) launched five new public reviews on standards that are being revised and updated.

Under the guidance of HSO’s expert Technical Committees, which are comprised of clinicians, policy makers, researchers, as well as patients and families, the following standards are being revised and modernized to better reflect current issues: Primary Health Care Services Standard, Palliative Care Services Standard, Mental Health Services Standard, Addictions Services Standard, and Home Care and Support Services Standard.

Do you work with or access services related to one or several of these standards? HSO is asking those who have an interest in these standards to provide feedback. Your expertise will ensure that the revised standards contribute to a better health system that meets the needs of patients everywhere.

All of HSO’s standards are evidence-based. They are developed through a rigorous Technical Committee process and are applied globally. The public reviews are open for feedback until Oct. 29, 2018.

The simplest way to participate in a public review is to read a summary of the proposed changes and provide your feedback in the questionnaire that follows.

Learn more about the public reviews and get involved here:


About HSO

Health Standards Organization (HSO) develops standards, assessment programs, tools, and methodologies to enable health and social service providers around the world to move the needle on quality while doing what they do best; saving and improving lives. Public reviews, a vital part of the standards development process, ensure all voices can be heard while developing standards.