Today, Health Standards Organization (HSO) launched a public review on a new Telehealth Standard. The public review is open from June 1st to July 30th, 2018.

Under the guidance of HSO’s Technology-Enabled Health Technical Committee, which is comprised of experts working with telehealth services, as well as those who have experience accessing and using the services, the HSO Telehealth Standard has been revised and modernized to better reflect current issues affecting such services.

This standard aims to enable the assessment of the safety, quality, and efficacy of telehealth services. It has also been designed to ensure that all patients who could potentially benefit from telehealth services have access to them.

HSO is asking those who have an interest in the standard, and those who have offered or used telehealth services to provide feedback. This standard is evidence-based. It has been developed through HSO’s rigorous Technical Committee process and will be applied globally.

To find out more or get involved:
Telehealth Standard – Public Review


Quick Facts

  • Operating with Operating with Accreditation Canada (AC) as its affiliate, HSO develops and delivers global standards, and the tools and services needed to bring them to life in local jurisdictions around the world.
  • HSO’s Technical Committees bring together people of diverse backgrounds to develop world-class standards that help shape the future of health and social services around the world.
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