Better Standards, People-Powered Health Hallmarks of New Global Organization on the Move

HSOFebruary 1, 2017 (Ottawa) – A new organization with a global mission to create best-in-class health standards and innovative assessment programs officially launched today with a high-energy, internationally-flavoured event in Canada’s capital city.

Health Standards Organization, or HSO as it will be known day-to-day, is committed to unleashing the power and potential of people around the world who share its passion for achieving quality health services for all.

HSO will be a powerhouse of knowledge and co-creation. It provides the foundation on which leading-edge accreditation programs and public policy are built. It will put patients and people at the centre of everything it does. It will bring the best evidence, the best experts and the best practices to the table to develop global standards that are second-to-none.

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“HSO is an organization on the move, and working with amazing partners to create the highest-quality health standards possible. We are committed to creating innovative products and services so people in their local jurisdictions can save and improve lives.”

– Leslee Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, HSO and AC

“We know there are gaps to be filled and opportunities to be seized at big system levels as well as at the front lines of care. We don’t think the public should accept anything less than the best for their health and care. We take the responsibility for leadership seriously.”

– George Weber, Chair, Board of Directors, HSO

“At the Canadian Institute of Health Information, we are always looking for ways to ensure our health systems can benefit from actionable data and better tools to improve outcomes for patients. We share the Health Standards Organization’s passion for data-driven quality improvements and want to congratulate this new organization as it begins its important work.”

– Kathleen Morris, Vice-President, Research and Analysis, Canadian Institute for Health Information

Quick Facts

  • HSO and AC have 1600 clients in nearly 50 jurisdictions around the world, including every province and territory in Canada, and works across the health and social services ecosystem.
  • HSO and AC currently employ more than 500 surveyors and 130 staff, who draw on more than 50 years’ worth of experience and lessons learned.
  • HSO will develop and deliver global standards, and the tools and services to bring them to life in local jurisdictions around the world. AC will focus on delivering innovative assessment programs and models directly with clients in Canada and around the world.
  • HSO’s creation is a key outcome of consultations undertaken with more than 700 individuals across Canada and around the world over the last year.
  • HSO and AC are two registered, not-for-profit charities, based in Ottawa.

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