HSO launches expert Technical Committee to review, develop standards for improved health service quality

(OTTAWA) – Health Standards Organization (HSO) is committed to unleashing the power and potential of people who share our passion for quality health services. Today, HSO announced the members of our first ever standard development Technical Committee on medication management.

HSO’s rigorous standard development process is evidence-informed and consensus-based. It sources the best available evidence, leading expertise, and compelling experiences to create global standards that are applicable to local contexts.  The medication management Technical Committee develops standards and assesses leading practices that promote a collaborative approach to addressing all aspects of the medication pathway, which includes community, long-term, ambulatory and acute environments of care. Specific attention will be paid to themes such as opioid management, antimicrobial stewardship and high risk medications.

HSO’s historic Technical Committees for standard development establish the highest quality health systems standards because we don’t think anyone should aspire to anything less than the best for their health. People who make up health systems – patients, practitioners, and policy makers – are at the centre of everything HSO does, and at the table as full members of our committees.

Our standards are developed through a participatory and co-creative process in which the voices of patients, community members, families, health service providers, clinicians, and policy makers are heard.

Meet Our Technical Committee Members:

  • Aaron Tejani, Evaluation Coordinator & Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
  • Andrew Morris, Professor, Mount Sinai Hospital/University Health Network
  • Annie Pagé, Patient Partner, University of Montreal
  • Daniel Thibodeau, Lawyer, Research and Ethics Board – Quebec
  • Fiona Jakielaszek, Manager, Accreditation and Patient Safety, FNIHB, Alberta
  • François Corriveau, Lawyer, Mediator, Quebec
  • Fruzsina Pataky, Director, Pharmacy Informatics & Automation, Quality and Medication Safety, Providence Health Care, British Columbia
  • Gwen Erdmann, Manager Medication Quality and Safety, Alberta Health Services
  • Jonathan Penm, Lecturer – Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of Sydney
  • Neil MacKinnon, Dean and Professor, James L Winkle College of Pharmacy, University of Cincinnati
  • Paul Filiatrault, Pharmacy Consultant, ISMP-Canada
  • Pierre Dessureault, Retired, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  • Rosemary Wilson, Nurse Practitioner & Associate Professor, Queen’s University and Kingston Health Sciences Centre
  • Sherry Miyashita, Nurse Regional CNS, Interior Health (RHA)
  • Sonia Vitorino, Pharmacy Liaison and Technician, Resident Care Pharmacy, Ontario

“The members of the Medication Management Technical Committee gathered for the first in-person meeting where a number of foundational tasks were completed that will lead to standards that will further reduce the risk of medication error for Canadians and for people around the world.”


Paul Filiatrault, Pharmacy Consultant, ISMP-Canada

“Developing effective standards is a critical task in order to move the quality and safety of healthcare forward. The interprofessional team of clinicians, researchers and patients which comprises the MM Technical Committee takes this task seriously, with the knowledge that the standards being developed now will shape healthcare delivery for years to come.”


Neil J. MacKinnon, Dean and Professor, James L Winkle College of Pharmacy, University of Cincinnati

Members of these historic HSO Technical Committees will help drive the standards development process and ensure all that all points of view relating to a new standard or a proposed standard revision are represented. HSO Technical Committees include patients, families, clinicians and policy-makers to build world-leading health standards and assessment programs that enable people in their local jurisdictions save and improve lives. For more information: www.healthstandards.org @HSO_World.