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Patients & Families

HSO is committed to ensuring that every process and outcome of our work is informed, influenced and shaped by the people for which they matter most. Partnerships with people including patients, clinicians, administrators, academics and policy makers are therefore formed to ensure we co-design, develop and deliver the best possible products and services.

Defining the term ‘Patient’

Patient is used to identify individuals who participate in, and benefit from health systems and services, as co-producers of health. Depending on the health setting or context, patient may be referred to as client or resident or community member, and individuals could include carers and families.

Selection criteria

Basic criteria used to select patient partners will include:

  • Having significant and recent experience accessing and using health or social services
  • Comfort speaking in a group about one’s experience with candor
  • Capacity to share and use their personal experience constructively
  • Ability to listen with empathy and curiosity to hear different perspectives
  • Availability and readiness to co-create products and services based on multiple sources of evidence (including, but not limited to one’s own experience)

How to get involved

HSO is currently building a list of national and international contacts including individual patient partners, patient partnership experts, and networks of individuals who share our passion for people powered health. This list will be used to share updates related to patient partnership opportunities and to be a source of information for HSO about the work of others in the field.

We are inviting interested individuals and groups to submit an expression of their interest by clicking on the patient partnership recruitment link below.

Patients will also be members of technical committees, along with other health experts, to co-develop standards and evaluate leading practices related to a given area. To see the full list of open technical committees and to apply, visit our Opportunities page.

Patient Partnership Recruitment