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People Powered

People PoweredActivating partnerships in health services

People Powered is an area of practice that is dedicated to providing products and services that enable you to activate people-centred care within your organization.

People-centred care is an approach to people-provider engagements that has been adopted by institutions, accrediting bodies, and governments around the world. In January 2015, our accreditation affiliate Accreditation Canada revised the Qmentum program standards to include people-centred care.

Patient Partners – Part of Our DNA

As part of the People Powered philosophy that we will help you shape within your organization, all of our services are co-designed and led by a joint team of expert faculty, who are global leaders in the application of people-centred care, as well as patients, community members and families, who are experienced users of the health care system.

Listed below are the products and services we offer to help you build a People Powered practice within your organization:


Self-directed tools and resources to help you understand and activate the practice of people-centred care within your organization. Coming soon.


In-person and virtual learning to help you continue to grow the practice of people-centred care within your organization.


One-on-one, hands-on, customized coaching and expert support to aid all aspects of analysing, planning and activating people-centred care within your organization.

Implement People Powered in your organization

HSO’s People Powered practice is growing and being integrated into our products and services on a daily basis. If you would like to speak to someone about developing People Powered within your organization or would like to become involved, contact us.

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