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Drawing on more than 50 years of experience and lessons learned, HSO is working to research and set best practices in health care.

As one of the world leaders in health care standards and accreditation services, we are uniquely positioned to get an insider’s perspective on thousands of organizations in a variety of health care settings in Canada and around the world, analyse trends, identify needs and support organizations on their quality improvement goals.

Assessment Automation Software

Whether you manage an accreditation program, certification program or licensing program, HSO provides flexible software solutions to help you automate it.
Assessment Automation Software

People Powered – Activating partnerships in health services

People Powered is an area of practice that is dedicated to providing products and services that enable you to activate people-centred care within your organization. People-centred care is an approach to people-provider engagements that has been adopted by institutions, accrediting bodies, and governments around the world. In January 2015, Accreditation Canada revised the Qmentum program standards to include people-centred care.
People Powered

Leading Practices Database

The Leading Practices Database fosters inter-organizational learning and harvesting of new ideas and includes nearly 1,000 practices recognized as being particularly innovative and effective in improving quality.
Leading Practices Database

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