HSO 5066:2020 (E) Malnutrition Prevention, Detection and Treatment – Public Review


The public review of HSO’s new Malnutrition Prevention, Detection and Treatment standard is taking place between August 28, 2020 and October 27, 2020.

The standard is being developed in collaboration with the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force (CMTF), a standing committee of the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS).


Public reviews are an opportunity for anyone to review and comment on draft standards before they are published. HSO incorporates applicable feedback from public reviews into the final versions of standards. We invite you to participate in the public review of HSO’s new Malnutrition Prevention, Detection and Treatment standard.


This standard aims to guide patients and families, health care professionals, and leaders at all levels of an acute care organization. It is intended to improve the management and quality of nutrition care provided to adult and pediatric patients. The standard applies to national and global acute care organizations in rural, urban, and remote areas.

This standard includes processes and protocols to:

  • Identify patients at risk of malnutrition at admission
  • Diagnose malnutrition
  • Implement an integrated nutrition care plan to prevent and treat malnutrition
  • Provide nutritious, culturally acceptable food and reduce barriers to food intake for patients
  • Monitor nutrition intake and nutrition status changes for patients
  • Provide treatment for malnourished patients throughout their hospital stay
  • Facilitate organizational changes to implement and sustain improved nutrition management
  • Focus on nutrition care in the discharge plan when patients are transferred to other care and community settings

The technical content of this standard is divided as follows:

  • Multimodal nutrition care
  • Nutrition risk screening
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Standard nutrition care
  • Advanced nutrition care
  • Specialized nutrition care
  • Early mobilization
  • Transitions of care
  • Patient-centred care

HSO 5066:2020 (E) Malnutrition Prevention, Detection and Treatment is intended to be used by organizations that provide acute care/in-patient services.

The standard is being led by the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force and HSO Working Group on Malnutrition, a standing committee of the Canadian Nutrition Society, with oversight by the HSO TC010 Acute and Surgical Care. The overall development of the standard is under the authority of the HSO Standards Steering Committee.

Technical Committee members include patients and family members, clinicians and health service administrators, government and health services stakeholders, and researchers. Working Group members provide specific expertise in the realm of malnutrition.

This standard will be undergoing periodic maintenance. HSO will review and publish this standard on a schedule not to exceed five years from the date of publication.

Tell us what you think

We are asking those who have an interest in this standard, such as people who have used related services, service providers or others that have expertise in this area, for their views on the proposed revised standard.

There is one main question in the public review document. We are not asking questions about every requirement or criteria, but we do welcome your comments on any or all aspects of the standard. When answering the questions, please keep in mind that the standard may apply globally. We may retain jurisdiction specific comments for local guidelines.

Our public review is open for 60 days. We would appreciate your feedback on the proposed changes. The public review is open until midnight on October 27, 2020.

The simplest way to respond is to follow the link at the bottom of this page, read a summary of the changes, and provide your feedback in the questionnaire that follows.

Draft StandardQuestionnaire

For more information, questions or concerns regarding the standards, please contact us at publications@healthstandards.org