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Health Standards Organization’s HSO 9002:2020 (E) Emergency and Disaster Management is a revision of HSO 9002:2010 (E) Emergency and Disaster Preparedness. The standard complements other HSO standards such as HSO 2001 Leadership, HSO 1001 Governance, HSO 60003 Public Health Services, HSO 41001 Emergency Medical Services, HSO 34015 Primary Health Care, and HSO 4001 Infection Prevention and Control.

The technical content of HSO 9002:2020 (E) Emergency and Disaster Management is divided as follows:

  • Establishing a foundation for emergency and disaster management
  • Assessing and reducing emergency and disaster risks
  • Preparing for response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters
  • Responding to and recovering from an emergency or disaster

This standard will be undergoing periodic maintenance. HSO will review and publish this standard on a schedule not to exceed five years from the date of publication.

Standard Type: This standard is intended to be used as part of a conformity assessment.

The technical content of the standard consists of clauses, criteria, and guidelines.

  • Clause: Introductory statement for a set of criteria. It is not a goal statement.
  • Criterion: A requirement that is to be evaluated. May be referred to as a sub-clause.
  • Guideline: Additional information to help understand the criterion. It does not contain new information of evaluation content.

Who this standard is for



HSO 9002:2020 Emergency and Disaster Management outlines the responsibilities of applicable health care organizations to reduce the risk of, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters that occur inside or outside of the organization.

The standard guides the health care organizations and systems in engaging with internal and external stakeholders to identify and reduce risks related to emergencies and disasters, and to prepare for a coordinated, community-centred, and systems-based response and recovery.


HSO 9002:2020 Emergency and Disaster Management is intended for health care organizations, including health systems, that provide facility-based acute care services. These organizations, in addition to their continued duty of care to patients and clients, may be required to provide health services to casualties during and following an emergency or disaster

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