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This is the latest edition of HSO 3001:2019 (E) Medication Management. This standard will be undergoing a periodic maintenance.

Patient and Client Information Sheet

HSO will review and publish this standard on a schedule not to exceed five years from the date of publication. It is intended to align with other HSO health service providers’ standards applicable to acute-care organizations offering medication services.

The technical content of the standard consists of clauses, criteria and guidelines.

  • Clause: Introductory statement for a set of criteria. It is not a goal statement.
  • Criterion: A requirement that is to be evaluated. May be referred to as a sub-clause.
  • Guideline: Additional information to help understand the criterion. It does not contain new information of evaluation content.

The clauses, criteria and guidelines are grouped into eleven sections:

  • Planning the Medication Management System
  • Training and Competency Evaluation
  • Accessing Client and Medication Information
  • Selecting and Procuring Medications
  • Storing Medications in the Pharmacy and Client Service Areas
  • Prescribing and Ordering Medications
  • Preparing Medications
  • Labelling and Packaging Medications
  • Dispensing and Delivering Medications
  • Administering Medications and Monitoring Clients
  • Evaluating the Medication Management System

The standard specifies the requirements for acute care organizations to deliver quality and safe health services to patients and families. The standard was prepared by the HSO Technical Committee on Medication Management under the authority of the HSO Standards Steering Committee.

Standard Type: This standard is intended to be used as part of a conformity assessment.

Who this standard is for



The standard specifies requirements for acute care organizations to deliver quality and safe health services to patients and families.

The standard provides:

  • Acute care organizations providing medication services with guidance on how to ensure quality and safety within their unique institutional context
  • Policy makers with a blueprint for the requirements to designate and recognize acute care organizations in their jurisdictions
  • External assessment bodies with measurable requirements to include in assessment programs

This standard is intended to be used in conjunction with standards that apply to acute care organizations. It is not intended to be used in isolation.


This standard is intended to apply to acute care organizations as well as health systems organizations providing comprehensive medication management (inventory, distribution, clinical pharmacy services, and administration).

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