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The CAN/HSO 34015:2020 (E) Primary Health Care Services standard contains content from the HSO standards listed below. This reflects the need for comprehensive, coordinated, and integrated community-based services provided by interdisciplinary teams to incorporate aspects of population health, health promotion and disease prevention, chronic disease management, and community health.

  • HSO 34015 – Primary Care
  • HSO 43002 – Aboriginal Integrated Primary Care
  • HSO 34006 – Community Health Services
  • HSO 60001 – Population Health and Wellness

The CAN/HSO 34015:2020 (E) Primary Health Care Services standard includes Indigenous health and wellness content that was developed under the guidance of Indigenous stakeholders. Annex A provides a summary of the methodology that was used to develop the Indigenous health and wellness content.This standard specifies requirements for delivering high-quality and safe health services to clients and families.

This standard will be undergoing a periodic maintenance. HSO will review and publish this standard on a schedule not to exceed five years from the date of publication.

Standard Type: This standard is intended to be used as part of a conformity assessment.

The technical content of the standard consists of clauses, criteria, and guidelines.

  • Clause: Introductory statement for a set of criteria. It is not a goal statement.
  • Criterion: A requirement that is to be evaluated. May be referred to as a sub-clause.
  • Guideline: Additional information to help understand the criterion. It does not contain new information of evaluation content.

Who this standard is for



CAN/HSO 34015:2020 (E) Primary Health Care Services standard is to be used in conjunction with the following HSO standards, as applicable:

  • HSO 11001:2018 – Governance
  • HSO 34012:2018 – Leadership for Small, Community-Based Organizations
  •  HSO 0001:2018 – Service Excellence
  • HSO 34011:2018 – Infection Prevention and Control Standards for Community-Based Organizations
  • HSO 34014:2018 – Medication Management Standards for Community-Based Organizations

The standard provides:

  • Clients with information about what they can expect from a high-quality and safe PHC system, and a description of their roles and responsibilities regarding their health
  • PHC providers with guidance on how to ensure high-quality and safe care in their unique organizational contexts
  • Policymakers with a quality and safety blueprint and a guide to policy development for PHC services in their jurisdictions
  • External assessment bodies with measurable requirements to guide continuous quality improvement


CAN/HSO 34015:2020 (E) Primary Health Care Services standard is intended to be used by interdisciplinary teams, although it is broad enough to be applied in a multitude of PHC settings and models of care, including large health systems and outreach services delivered via virtual health technology.

The standard may also be used by organizations that provide services to Indigenous communities. It is based on a holistic model of care and treatment characterized by the integration of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental components of health and well-being identified in Indigenous traditions and cultures.

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