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Substances that may potentially be misused include illegal and prescribed drugs, alcohol, and over the counter medications. Substance abuse is a complex issue that is frequently associated with a wide range of other factors and concurrent conditions, including physical, psychological, social, economic, and legal problems. The negative impact of substance abuse extends to clients, their families, and the broader community. Substance abuse is often a chronic and relapsing condition that may or may not involve addiction.

Substance abuse and addiction services address coexisting physical and mental health problems within a positive environment that addresses clients’ needs across the continuum of care including pretreatment, treatment and follow up care. Treatment involves a multidisciplinary team providing complementary assessments and integrated interventions focused on harm reduction and/or abstinence, depending on clients’ individual needs, the nature and severity of the problems; and the particular treatment philosophy.

HSO’s Substance Abuse and Addiction Services Standards contain the following sections:

  • Investing in Substance Abuse and Addiction Services
  • Having the Right People
  • Delivering Substance Abuse and Addiction Services
  • Maintaining Client Information
  • Monitoring the Safety and Quality of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services

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