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How We Develop Standards

HSO is focused on establishing the highest quality health system standards because we don’t think anyone should aspire to anything less than the best for their health. We are committed to increased rigour and diligence in our standards development process, ensuring that HSO standards meet national and international Standards Development Organization (SDO) requirements set by organizations such as Standards Council of Canada (SCC).

Our standards are developed through a participatory, co-creative process in which the voices of patients, community members, families, health service providers, clinicians and policy makers are heard.

Global Standards, Local Context

Our standards draw upon the best evidence available globally, but are implemented according to a specific country or region’s conditions and context. Established through a rigorous review process that includes public consultation, we work to make our standards the best that they can be, so local jurisdictions around the world can improve and save lives.

Standards Governance and Oversight

The development of HSO standards is overseen by Standards Technical Committees. Standards also go through a public review process in which stakeholders and the public can provide feedback.

Get Involved

To join a Technical Committee, visit our Standards Technical Committees page.

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