Endorse a Standard

Organizations around the world recognize the benefits of our standards. They promote HSO standards to regulators, member health services providers and other stakeholders.

You can show your support and play an important role by:

  • Formally endorsing an HSO standard
  • Linking a standard’s page to your website
  • Providing a Technical Committee with updates on a standard topic

Why endorse a standard?

By endorsing an HSO standard, your organization’s name will appear on the health standard page and we will help you:

  • Talk about the standard at conferences and workshops
  • Produce articles
  • Submit leading practices relating to the standard into HSO’s public database

Who endorses standards?

Organizations endorsing standards locally or internationally include:

  • Associations representing professionals and providers described in the health standard
  • Governments and regulators whose responsibility is to ensure health services described in the standard meet that standard’s requirements
  • People whose health services are covered in the standard (eg. patients, community organization, etc.)

Endorse a standard

Join the movement and endorse a standard today! Fill out the form on our contact page to express your interest and we will contact you with more information.

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