Standards Licensing

HSO offers flexible licensing options depending on organizational or individual needs.

An Individual license comes with any compiled (PDF) standard you purchase in the HSO E-Store. Organizational, Academic, Jurisdictional and Commercial licenses can be obtained by contacting us. HSO Standards can be available through other publishers (i.e. accreditation bodies, local standard organizations) and other publications (i.e. assessment manuals, reports). These also follow HSO Copyright policies.

Individual License

If you are a professional, student, or other individual who would like to use our standards, please purchase them from the HSO E-Store.

Organizational License

An organizational license is required if standards are to be used by 30 people or more within the same organization, or in a decompiled format (i.e. excel or other database format).

Academic License

Standards are available under an academic license for the purpose of contributing to the development of evidence and research on HSO publications. These licenses are available free of charge, in exchange for copies of the publications which refer to the HSO publications. These would only be used on the basis of fair use, as per HSO Copyright policies. Other uses may constitute a Commercial License.

Jurisdictional License

Governments at the federal or state/provincial/regional level can purchase or subscribe to standards under a jurisdictional license.

Commercial License

Organizations that want to use HSO’s standards for commercial purposes, such as reselling the standard or using the standard in a commercial product (such as software) can apply for a commercial license.

Additional Information and Pricing

Contact us for more information and to obtain a quote.