Public Notice of Intent

Correctional Service Canada Health Services, 11.020.01


Designation Number: CAN/HSO 34008:2023

Standards notification on a: New development

Status: Open for comment (15 days)

Responsible Technical CommitteeTC 035 – Correctional Health Services

Scope: Health Standards Organization (HSO) is developing a National Standard of Canada (NSC) for Correctional Service of Canada Health Services, CAN/HSO 34008:2023. This standard will outline the requirements set out by Correctional Service Canada (CSC) to deliver health services and provide care to those they serve as defined by their mandate. CSC health services includes care provided to individuals throughout their incarceration from intake to transition planning to integrate back into the community. The health services provided by CSC include initial comprehensive assessment and standardized screening at intake, the provision of primary care, mental health and addiction care, continuous observational medical care based on defined clinical criteria (CSC Regional Hospital) and, continuous observational mental health care defined by clinical criteria (CSC Regional Treatment/Psychiatric Centres).

The standard (CAN/HSO 34008:2023) will set the requirements of safe and high-quality care provided to individuals sentenced to two years or longer in a federal correctional institution.

CAN/HSO 34008:2023 will address requirements related to the types of health care services provided by CSC including but not limited to:

  • Primary Care
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Virtual care
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Palliative Care
  • Healthy and competent workforce to ensure sustainable, team-based, compassionate care.

Project Need: Health Standards Organization (HSO) has been contracted by Correctional Service Canada to develop a National Standard of Canada (NSC) for use in their Qmentum Accreditation Program for Correctional institutions across Canada.

HSO will revise the existing HSO 34008:2018 Correctional Service of Canada Health Services standard, using an evidence-informed approach and using the National Standard of Canada process. The standard will be revised to address the health care services provided by CSC (as per its mandate) and in coordination with other health services provided by external partners. CSC’s serves a population that is constantly changing and has diverse needs. This will be appropriately reflected in the revised standard by incorporating the integral philosophy of HSO’s principles of people centred care. The lessons learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic will also be taken into consideration.

Proposed Timeline: November 2021 – August 2023

Posted on: March 2, 2022

Contact Information: Organizations interested in supporting the development of this standard or wanting to be consulted as a stakeholder during the development process and individuals, including patients, providers, health leaders, and the members of the public can provide comments by contacting us at

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