Public Notice of Intent

Mental Health Services and Supports


Designation Number: HSO 34007:2018

Standards notification on a: New Development

Type of Standard: Health Service Provider

Status: Open for comment (15 days)

Responsible Technical Committee: Mental Health and Addictions, 11.20.10

Project Need: Provision of quality mental health services is essential to increasing access to mental health care and improving health outcomes. The standard provides healthcare professionals with guidance to ensure quality, safety and continuity of care as well as how to facilitate access to care and engage communities in mental health promotion. The standard serves as a guide to develop policies and procedures, and identify education priorities for healthcare teams.

Scope: The Mental Health standard represents the continuum of care and is designed for settings ranging from community to inpatient facilities. These include community agencies, outreach services, outpatient care, schools and workplaces, primary care networks, and hospitals, and medical centers. A person-centered and recovery-oriented approach to treatment are emphasized with clients and families co-designing care plans, strategies, policies, and processes, and health promotion initiatives with care teams. The Mental Health Services standard is divided into 3 sections: 1) Core criteria (common to community-based and inpatient settings) 2) Community-based services 3) Inpatient services The scope includes services provided during the episode of care, such as assessments and care plan development, transitions between providers, settings, and levels of care, prevention and management of crisis, facilitated access to social support, and public health activities which the organization may undertake to promote mental health and reduce stigma and discrimination. What is not included in the scope for the revision of both standards – Topic or condition-specific themes (e.g. dementia ). The standard is applicable for a broad range of mental health issues with or without co-morbidities. – Addictions or other specific co-morbidities. – Age- and/or population-specific criteria (e.g.children and youth). The standard is applicable for clients of various ages and community groups. – Reference to specific organizations (e.g. shelter) or programs (anti-bullying). However, criteria do highlight importance of creating community partnerships and facilitating access for basic and mental health needs. – Administrative, financial or human resource management.

 Applicability: Global

Proposed Timeline: The standard is expected to be completed by July 2018.

Posted on: September 15, 2017

Contact Information: Organizations interested to support the development of this standard or wanting to be consulted as a stakeholder during the development process may contact us at Individuals, including patients, providers, health leaders and the members of the public are encouraged to provide comments through stakeholder organizations.


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