Public Notice of Intent



Designation Number: CAN/HSO 11005

Standards notification on a: New Development

Type of Standard: Health Service Provider

Status: Open for comment (15 days)

Responsible Technical CommitteeTC 032 Perinatal Health

Project Need: HSO is convening a standards Technical Committee to revise the current standard for Obstetrics.

HSO currently has an Obstetrics standard that is used nationally and internationally. To ensure that the standard remains optimally relevant for our clients, we will update it to include current best practices and new evidence from scientific literature. In addition, the current standard uses wording that is not inclusive to all people for whom this standard applies (e.g., trans or gender-queer people, gestational surrogates); this will be remedied in the updated standard.

The result of this project will be a proposed National Standard of Canada that will be relevant to all stakeholders; it may help inform and identify Leading Practices.. As a proposed National Standard of Canada, clients are ensured that the Obstetric Standard has gone through a rigorous development process and will be founded on current best practice. The standard will be the result of comprehensive consultation with healthcare professionals, decision makers, and patients/families.

Scope: This will be a revision of the current  Health Services Provider standard for Obstetrics HSO 11005:2011

This standard addresses the labour and birth process in a hopsital setting, up to the point when the client and baby are transferred to another setting of care or home. It is intended for use by any and all hospital labour and birth services for accreditation or quality improvement. Out of scope for this project is developing guidelines that specify details of clinical care.

The current Obstetrics standard covers access to services; involving the clients and their families as partners in the delivery of service, care plan development, and implementation; ensuring that the client is prepared for vaginal or C-section birth; safe and accurate management of medications; caring for the client and baby following labour and birth; and involving clients and families as partners in planning and preparing for transition to another service or setting. It is anticipated that the new standard will have a similar scope, although the specific subject matter may differ somewhat based on new evidence, cultural trends, and leading practices.

 Applicability: Global

Proposed Timeline: February 2021

Posted on: October 1, 2018

Contact Information: HSO encourages ongoing feedback on its standards. If you are interested in providing comments on the standard at this stage, please contact Stakeholders that are interested in supporting the development of this standard, or would like to be consulted during the development process, may also contact us at


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