Standards Development: Sponsorship

Sponsor a Standard:

Do you want to be a leader, helping to shape the future of health and social services around the world? Is there a quality or a safety issue in the health system that you believe a standard should address?

HSO offers more than 130 health, social services, and intervention standards that are the foundation of accreditation for more than 7,000 service providers of all types and sizes on 5 continents around the world.

Be a change leader by sponsoring the development or revision of one of HSO’s best-in-class standards, and ensure quality health services for those who matter most; patients and their families.

 As a sponsor, you’ll have an active role throughout the standard development process. You will be a part of the co-design process, being consulted throughout the standard development process and invited to weigh in on needs, gaps, and criteria. A sponsor may also recommend one Technical Committee member and/or provide feedback on the standard through HSO’s public review process.

Additionally, you’ll be able to announce your sponsorship through a method of your choice, letting your community know that you are actively working towards positive change in health care and social services around the world. As a valued sponsor, your logo may also appear on the standard document and the standard webpage.

HSO’s standards are applied globally and focus on quality health systems for all, measuring health system performance, risk prevention and mitigation, client safety and more.

Levels of Sponsorship:

HSO offers a number of ways in which you can support the development of a world-class standard:

Be a Change Leader – 100% support
As a Change Leader, you are blazing the trail forward for the development of a new standard or the revision of an existing one. You have identified a need and are leading the way towards improvement. Change leaders have agreed to sponsor 100% of the cost of development or revision of a standard.



Be an Ambassador – 30 to 60% support
As an Ambassador, you collaborate with other parties, contributing to the development of a much-needed standard. Ambassadors have agreed to support between 30 – 60% of the cost of development or revision of a standard.



Be a Contributor – up to 30% support
As a Contributor, you support the development of a new standard. Contributors have agreed to support up to 30% of the cost of development or revision of a standard.


HSO’s standards are developed through a rigorous multi-step process, which includes a literature review, formal voting on standards content by Technical Committee members, and a public review. We believe that standards, set through a diligent development process, support ongoing quality improvement in health systems, leading to higher quality health services for all.

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