Every patient deserves safe, quality care. And yet, patient safety incidents are the third leading cause of death in Canada. To prevent avoidable harm to patients when our health care system is vast, complex, and under tremendous pressures we need clear, collective action.

On Friday, October 30, 600+ attendees passionate about quality and patient safety gathered for the debut of the first-ever national Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework for Health Services. Attendees learned:

  • How we can all work together to accelerate quality and patient safety across Canadian health systems by focusing on five goals for safe, quality care
  • How to practically and tangibly start using this Framework for priority setting
  • How stakeholders across Canada are already using the Framework and custom Action Guides.

Championed by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Health Standards Organization (HSO), the Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework is a people-first, actionable opportunity to align Canada on five goals for quality, safe care. Throughout the hour-long webinar, attendees heard from the following leaders who are passionate about quality and patient safety:

  • Co-moderator Leslee J. Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Health Standards Organization and Accreditation Canada
  • Co-moderator Jennifer Zelmer, President and Chief Executive Officer of the newly amalgamated Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) and the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI)
  • Panelist Linda Hughes, Patient Partner and Past Co-chair, Patients for Patient Safety Canada
  • Panelist Michelina Mancuso, Executive Director of Performance Measurement for the New Brunswick Health Council (retired)
  • Panelist Valerie Gideon, Associate Deputy Minister, Indigenous Services Canada


Highlights from the webinar include:

  • 00:02:30: Co-moderator Leslee J. Thompson shares the “why” of the Framework and an early endorsement by a prominent Canadian health leader: “[We] met with Deputy Minsters across Canada to bring this to their awareness and ways they can use this. We are delighted to announce that our Health Minister Patty Hajdu has publicly endorsed the Framework. She has acknowledged the importance of the Framework to help us channel our efforts to advance meaningful change that will improve quality and patient safety across Canada and provide leadership to others around the world.”
  • 00:09:15: CPSI Senior Program Manager Amy Pack gives an overview of the Framework and how you can use it to take action right now
  • 00:36:40: Co-moderator Jennifer Zelmer emphasizes the importance of embedding our collective work in all dimensions of what we do. “This is a living Framework. This is a living set of tools and resources that we need to continue to nurture and grow as new resources and standards are developed so that we can continue to move forward together.”
  • 00:14:00 Panelist Linda Hughes provides specific examples of how Patients for Patient Safety Canada have already used the Framework goals and objectives in a major cross-country initiative involving roundtables with provincial and territorial policy makers. “The beauty of this is the consistency. It really contributes to a good dialogue and discussion when we’re all using the same language.”
  • 00:19:45: Panelist Valerie Gideon explains her role for advocating for better outcomes for Indigenous peoples across Canada and then examples of where the Framework can apply in the context of Indigenous health. “I am hoping the Framework can be broadly adopted and applied across federal, provincial and territorial health systems at all levels across Canada in community, health authority, broad-based health system level to ensure there is more inclusivity.”
  • 00:25:56: Panelist Michelina Mancuso, shares a powerful on-the-ground perspective of how the Framework has been used by Horizon Health in Moncton to reduce patient safety incidents from 20-30 a day to less than 10 a week. “…all of the different groups had their voices within this process to create the change. Because you were getting regular patients and visitors coming through the doors, as the changes were being implemented, they were able to comment and suggest the improvements, which then created the continuation of the quality improvement process.


Take action to align Canada on five goals for safe, quality care

HSO is grateful to collaborate with CPSI on this webinar. Both organizations have committed to using the Framework to inform their strategies moving forward.

Please take action with us to continue to align Canada on five goals for safe, quality care: